About Us

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Jacobs General Contracting was founded in August 2002. The corporation's official name is Guidon, Inc. A guidon is the pennant or standard carried by a military unit. Jacobs has been establishing the standard for quality and integrity in the construction business for almost ten years and looks forward to providing our clients with the highest of standards of performance for years to come. With a degree in Construction Management from the University of Oklahoma, 26 years of experience in the construction industry, and an unwavering respect for his clients, owner Monty Jacobs has carried the guidon as the company has developed a portfolio of respected clients and beautiful high quality construction projects.

Jacobs General Contracting’s corporate office at 720 N.W. 50th in Oklahoma City was the original home of C.L. Frates Insurance Company and Hefner Oil Company. This classic mid century (1953) building was designed by Oklahoma City Architect David Benham. Shortly after a fire partially destroyed the building in 1984 Travelers Motor Club moved into the building and officed here for over 20 years. The Oklahoma Arts Institute also officed in the building for many years. In 2005 Chesapeake Realty purchased the building.

Jacobs General Contracting, Barns & Lewis Law Firm, Anglin P.R., Hammond, Kent F. Frates and Shartel Associates bought the building in 2009. Jacobs General Contracting remodeled the business utilizing services of VanStavern Design Group and Brand& Brand Design Group. The building stands as an example of mid-century modern architecture restored to exceed normal modern day standards with high quality finishes and efficient rehabilitation.